That mid-day dip in alertness really grabs hold of me sometimes. Sure, staying up researching longhorn until 1:30 the night before doesn't help. Neither does getting up before the sun rises (an evilness in today's world). But that mid-day dip still seems unnaturally strong. The interesting thing is it's always around 2pm at its worst... if I manage to fight through it, by 3pm I'm back up to normal, and as chip as ever. I know what you're thinking -- its the lunch! Yah I've heard that before but I don't believe it. It doesn't matter when or what I have to eat. Even if I eat nothing.

What's the deal??? Is there something in the air conditioning ducts? It's as if the human body was meant to take a nice little siesta in the middle of the day.

As far as I can tell via google that's a generally accepted idea, and many studies have shown that a 15-20 minute "powernap" once or twice a day can increase overall alertness. Say what?? Where was this study when some genious invented the 8 hour work day? <yawn>... good night.


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